Why One-Person Business Success

Hi, my name is Maya Sayvanova. I’m a 6-figure copywriter and a blogger whose articles have been read by over 220K people. I’ve been featured in Business Insider and many of the top Medium publications.

Two things about me:

  • I love solopreneurship. To me, it’s the best way to contribute to this world.

  • I love my professional freedom and everything I do is to be able to be location-free, time-free and live the life I want.

Whether you’re just starting out as a solopreneur, or you’ve had some success and want more, I can help you gain massive momentum and change your life.

If you’ve ever wanted to start & grow your one-person business, I can show you how—even if you have a day job, a few children, and no idea where to begin.

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