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Love the summary of how to be a solopreneur:

Step 1: learn a lot

Step 2: do a lot

This is bang on!

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Thank you, Dan!

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No One Taught Us How To Be Solopreneurs.

No school for solopreneurs.

Loved the title. Loved the second line. It sums up all the mistakes we have to make to learn the ropes.

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It’s true. When I jumped into solopreneurship in 2013, I had zero clue what I was doing… despite having taken a month’s worth of classes, offered locally. Those did nothing to really prepare me for the reality.

It took me seven years to figure things out on my own, as I couldn’t hire help. Lots of pivots, lots of trial-and-error.

I now offer training for my fellow solopreneurs, sharing the lessons I’ve learned, as I don’t want it to take as long for others to follow their dreams.

I think what you (and I) offer is so needed! @mayasayvanova

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